RMC Spaces

A student stands in front of a green screen while another operates a video camera

The Robertson Media Center, based on the 3rd floor of Clemons Library, offers a variety of studios and technology spaces — like Audio and Video studios, immersive Virtual Reality (VR), a 3D Printing Studio, and classroom and lab spaces — to support student and faculty academic needs and creative exploration.

Learn how to use media to enrich your scholarship, your classroom, and beyond!

RMC spaces include…

Video Studio

Small room holding green screen and video camera on dolly

The Video Studio has a wide variety of professional-level equipment including adjustable lighting, a Canon XF300 camera, a teleprompter, audio equipment, four different backdrops, and a number of props. This is a good place for producing professional looking interviews, shooting with the green screen, and recording class presentations. Training is required prior to using the video studio, including a video series and in-person assessment. You can find the videos on the equipment page, under the instructions tab. Reservations are required and mediated by RMC staff. 

Audio Studio

The Audio Studio is excellent for recording podcasts, audio interviews, music production, more! It is a multipurpose recording space including three audio booths with sound isolation technology as well as microphones, a mixer, multiple instruments, and a computer workstation with software including Avid ProTools, GarageBand, Logic Pro, SoundStudio and Audacity. Reservations must be made in advance. No training required. You can directly reserve on the website or ask at the RMC front desk. 

Immersive VR Spaces

A student is using a VR headset with his hands on the visor while an instructor stands off to the side.

Each of the RMC’s two virtual reality spaces have a PC workstation, equipped to run the VR headset and handheld motion controllers. Both stations offer room-scale movement around a virtual space. Development software, such as Unity3D and Unreal Engine, is also installed on these machines, for the creation of VR content. Reserve a VR space now.

3D Printing Studio

Wire shelf rack with colorful samples of 3D printed objects. A lit 3D Printing Studio sign is behind the models.

The 3D Printing Studio houses a variety of printers that (after a quick training) are free and open to anyone at the University! Learn more about using the 3D Printing Studio. 

Classroom and Lab Spaces

Room with many desktop computers and two large projector screens.

G-Lab Classroom and Lab – The G-Lab or “Group-Lab” is a modular and flexible teaching space, available for class reservations. It has 20 iMacs with a variety of software, including Adobe products, iMovie, Audacity, 3D modelling, and much more, along with two drop-down projection screens and audio system. When not in use as a classroom, it is available for walk-in use as a computer lab. A class schedule will be posted in advance. Reserve a media classroom now.

Digital Media Lab - The Digital Media Lab computers are perfect for video editing, digital animation, or 3D modeling, with two screens and additional computing power, and select stations have large, high-end drawing screens. This space also includes scanning and digital transfer equipment, including from 8-16mm film, still film slides, VHS, and more. Individual workstations must be reserved in advance. 

VizWall - The VizWall is great for presentations of class projects, technology demonstrations, instruction sessions, and special media events with a large monitor display and lounge area on the RMC floor. There is the capacity to link to and display up to 4 computers or display a single computer across all of the monitors.

VizStations - These open area stations are great for group work that requires a larger screen. Displays can be connected to a laptop with audio plugins for up to four users.

VizWall and VizStations are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Use Policies

Access to RMC resources is generally limited to University of Virginia students, staff, and faculty. Exceptions for  community patrons may be granted on a case-by-case basis, related to academic projects or special events. 

Questions? Contact teachlearn@virginia.edu, we’re happy to help!