Frequently Asked Questions about RMC

Can anyone use RMC spaces? 

We are open to all students, faculty and staff at UVA. Exceptions for community patrons may be granted on a case-by-case basis, related to academic projects or special events. 

Do I have to be working on an assignment for a class to use RMC spaces or services? 

The RMC is available for more than academic assignments. It is a space to experiment with new technology including for personal projects, research, and prototyping.  

Where do I go for help? 

There are a few options: 

  • RMC Front Desk: Ask at the front desk. If they don’t know, they may be able to find someone who does. 
  • DML consultant: The digital media lab consultants are trained in many types of software and equipment.
  • Email general, non-urgent questions to:
  • Contact or visit one of the staff members listed on the RMC homepage.  

Can I get a tour of the RMC? 

Absolutely! We’d love to show you what we have to offer. Request a tour for your class or email us at  

Is equipment rental free? 

Yes! Our equipment can be checked out and is free to use for the UVA students, faculty, and staff.  

How do I check out equipment? 

Most of our equipment is available for checkout for 24 hours without training or reservation. Simply ask at the front desk of the RMC on the 3rd floor of Clemons. You will need a university ID to reserve or check out equipment. Some equipment will require reservations or training. See the full equipment listing.

What kind of equipment do you have? 

We have a wide variety of equipment, including cameras, microphones, lights, 3D Printers, AR/VR headsets, etc. See what is available or ask at the front desk.

Do I have to pay for 3D printing? 

Our 3D printing studio service and filament usage is free for the UVA community, but note that trainings are required for reservation and access to the studio. Being free allows you to explore and experiment without worrying about the cost. That said, our service must be used within the  limits specified by our studio policy, or you will be asked to pay or supply your own filament.  

How do I use Virtual Reality (VR)? 

Our VR stations are for everyone to use, including classes who are discovering VR. Reservations can be made but are not required. If there are no reservations or classes in session, you can check out the controllers from the RMC circulation desk and a staff member will help you get started. We have free games and other VR experiences available for you to try.  

How do I reserve a space? 

We have many spaces that are available for reservation - more information can be found on our Spaces page

Classrooms: We have a Groups Lab (G-Lab) with 20 Mac computers and an adjacent classroom (322) in Clemons which seats 20. These spaces can be reserved by instructors using the classroom request form.

Do I need to buy my own software? Do I need to create an account?  

The G-Lab and DML iMac computers have software available for free, including the full Adobe suite and audio/video editing, 3D modeling, and many other types of software. See a full list of available software. 

Some products are restricted or require accounts. The Audio Studio has additional audio programs such as ProTools. 

Adobe: To use any Adobe program in the RMC, you’ll need a free Adobe ID using your email address. You can create one here: Sign in with your free account on the lab computers for full access to the Adobe programs. 

Oculus: to use an Oculus Quest or Go headset, you’ll need to sign in with a Facebook account. 

I am an instructor; how do I schedule a class? 

Typically our classes are taught by a Library expert in one of our spaces. Please allow two weeks for us to prepare the best session possible for you.  Request a class with one of our experts.

Alternately, you can request the Groups Lab or Clemons room 322 for a class.

Can I reserve an RMC classroom/space/equipment for an entire semester for my class? 

No. Because we serve everyone in the UVA community, we want to allow others to get access to our spaces, equipment, classrooms, staff, and resources too. Placing limits allows us to be available for other users who may need our help. For more information, contact  

Do you have someone to design or create this thing for me? Can I drop off a project to be made or a media transfer to be digitized and pick it up later?  

The RMC is a self-service center. We will teach you how to create your own projects, but we do not have the staffing capacity to complete projects for you. We are not a digitization or design service. Similarly, we do not have a team of student workers to complete projects for you. If you have a paid opportunity for students, we recommend posting it on Handshake.  

Can I drop off a 3D print to be made and pick it up later? 

We modify our 3D printing services based on users’ needs and conditions such as the pandemic. Please visit the 3D Printing Studio page for detailed information about our current service model.  

How do I get a copy of my film/VHS tape put online? Where do I go for video clipping? 

We have a self-service workspace with the equipment to transfer older media such as film, VHS, miniDV, and more that is available for use. We provide support and training, but we do not run a digitization service. We do not provide video clipping but the Library provides some assistance for digitization and clipping for academic use of Library materials.  

Can you help me make a digital file from older equipment and media formats? What kinds do you support? 

We have self-service transfer equipment and training available, including: 

  • The Lasergraphics Scanstation can digitize 8mm & 16mm that is print (positive), negative, black & white, and color, with or without sound. 
  • Epson V750 & 10000XL Scanners can scan documents and still film slides of many formats  
  • We offer Legacy conversion of the following formats: 
    • VHS(-C)  
    • Hi-8 
    • Betamax 
    • DV/Mini-DV 
    • Audio Cassette 
  • 16mm Steenbeck flatbed film editor
  • 16mm splicers and reels 

What camera should I use? 

See a comparison of cameras, including recommendations for intended use.

But choosing the right camera can require additional help, please contact us at and we can discuss what equipment would be best for you. 

Can I apply to work here? How do I apply?  

The RMC takes student workers to run smoothly. If you are interested in working here, keep an eye on Handshake for postings. We typically hire in the spring. 

For non-student positions, watch the Workday job postings from UVA HR. 

How long can I check out equipment? Can I get an extension? 

Walk-up equipment that requires no reservation can be checked out for 3 or 24 hours (due the next day before 11:59pm or closing, whichever is earliest).   
When checking out reservable (high end) equipment, checkouts run from 4:30pm on the day of pickup until 4pm the next weekday.  High end equipment checked out on Friday is due back before 4pm on Monday. 

If these time periods do not meet your needs, please contact us at to discuss your particular use case.