Staff Directory

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Name Email Phone
Jamie L Aleckna Administrative Support Specialist
Lorenza C Amico Receiving & Cataloging Specialist 4349247122
Eze Francis Amos Technical Lead, Digital Production Group
Krystal Appiah Curator, Special Collections 4342438194
Carla M Arton Director, Technology Solutions 4342439571
Joseph Azizi Library Stacks Coordinator - Special Collections 4349243183
April Joy Baker Public Services Manager, Fine Arts 4342431044
Tammy Renee Barbour Library Staff Technology Manager 4349240988
Winston Barham Open Access Librarian 4342438700
Jeremy Bartczak Manager, Metadata and Discovery Services 4349247522
Steve L Bartlett Ivy Stacks Manager 4349240982
Arin Bradley Bennett Information Visualization Specialist 4342432435
James Terry Bevington Library Facilities Operations Manager 4349240745
Beth W Blanton Director of Collections 4349246837
Jeremy Kim Boggs Head of Research & Development 7032441139
Suzanne E Bombard Training Specialist 4349822618
Alison Booth Professor & Academic Director, Scholars' Lab, Unit Paid Employee (Faculty), Unit Paid Employee (Faculty) 4349247105
Shayne Brandon System Administrator 4349243407
Sherri Lynne Brown Librarian for English 4342432104
Teresa I Brown Finance Liaison for SRCS and Preservation 4349241430
Debra S Bruce Monographic Order Coordinator 4349246893
Chris Bryant Evening Library Coordinator
Susan Eloise Bryant Circulation Specialist 4349246607, 4349246938
Whitney Buccicone Director of Discovery Services
Ryan F. Buller Director of Information Services and Spaces
Todd C Burks Teaching and Learning Librarian 4349243162, 4349243684
Ann R Burns Metadata Librarian 4349246606
Brandon Butler Director, Information Policy 4349825874
Rosalind Calhoun Librarian I
Marc Campbell Video Preservation Specialist 4342433321
Cory Alexander Capron Library Specialist-LIB41
Anne P Causey Reference Librarian 4349246635
Doug H Chestnut Lead User Experience Web Developer 4342437248
Sean David Clarkson Director of Development
Jenny Coffman Science and Engineering Research Librarian 4349242865
Patrick J Coleman Assistant Director of Operations for ISS 4342431622
Rebecca Cooper Coleman Librarian for Architecture 4342434837
Jean L Cooper Principal Cataloger 4349822743
L G Cooper Head of Rare Materials Cataloging 4349240510
Zeke Crater Director, Infrastructure & Space Technologies 4349824516
Stephanie A Crooks Operations Coordinator 4342438788
Kimberly Cull Librarian I 4349244073
Bradley J Daigle Executive Director, Academic Preservation Trust 4349244735
Judy L Dalton Monographic Order Coordinator 4349247853
Christina M Deane Manager, Digital Production Group 4349244026
Scott E Deane Clemons Library Service Coordinator 4349244060
Teresa S Defibaugh Processing Archivist 4349244974
Andrew P Diamond Academic Preservation Trust Lead Developer 4349824986
Susanna Donovan Conservator for Special Collections 4349248102
Michael Durbin IT Manager
Stacey Virginia Evans Imaging Specialist and Project Coordinator 4342438574
Tracy Vaughn Fewell IT Technician 4342435976
Clay Ford Senior Research Data Scientist/Statistics 4342436089
Louis F Foster Software Engineer for Digital Content Management 4349822812
Brendan Patrick Fox Finance Liaison for Administration (UL, ADV, A&P, COMM) 4342433949
Veronica Fu East Asian Collections Librarian
Patrick M Garcia Associate Director of Development 4349249640
Robert M Gartland Senior Computer Engineer 4349243576
Dave S Ghamandi Open Publishing Librarian and Managing Editor, Aperio 4349243845
Meredith B Gillet Assistant Director of Development
Haley Gillilan Undergraduate Student Success Librarian
Cynthia M Girard Information Technology Specialist Ii 4349824547
Elyse Girard Executive Director of Communications and User Experience 4349241280
David C Gist Geographic Information Systems Specialist 4349822637
Amanda Glass Temp B, Temp B
Dave Goldstein Cloud Architect & Lead Software Engineer 4349247629
Jacob Richard Goldstein-Greenwood Research Data Scientist 4342438807
Dave Griles Technology Solutions Project Manager 4342436167
Ronda A. Grizzle ADSTP Specialist-ADSTP69 4349243965
Brenda Gunn Assoc Univ Librarian, Arch & Spec Coll, & Dir Harrison Inst 4349241037
Stanley T Gunn Executive Director for Information Technology 4349246006
Debra L. Guy Events and Venue Manager-EV79 4342438787
Emily Elizabeth Hagy Circulation Support Coordinator
Martha Grace Hale Reference Librarian
Kathy B Harlow Interlibrary Loan Specialist 4349246542, 4349822617
Mi Suk Harris Cataloging Specialist 4342974888
Robert J Haschart Senior Software Developer for Search and Indexing Services 4342438629
Barbara A Hatcher Special Collections Cataloger 4349822046
Jeffrey Lynn Heatwole Data Mining Developer
Bret William Heddleston Print Periodicals Specialist 4342434490
Christine Danielle Helmlinger Stewart Interlibrary Loan Supervisor 4342438868
David Ross Hennigan Grants and Contracts Administrator 4342438030
Darinel Hernandez LEO Driver
J. Herndon Library Specialist
Jeff P Hill Creative Director 4349822749
Amanda M. Hillyer Brown Library Night Manager
Robert Anthony Hiserman Stacks Supervisor, Clemons Library 4349822059
Richard Alan Hodges University Library AV Architect & IT Systems Engineer 4342435597
Robert St. John Holden, III Operations Manager, Robertson Media Center
Jacob Tyler Hopkins Instruction Librarian/Archivist 4349242763
Ashley E Hosbach Education and Social Science Research Librarian
Trillian Suzanne Hosticka Reference Librarian, and Regional Depository Librarian 4349822895
Jennifer Andrea Huck Associate Director, Research Data Services & Social, Natural, and Engineering Sciences 4342438480
Amy J. Hunsaker Librarian for Music & the Performing Arts
Stephanie Ann Hunter Circulation Specialist 4349240710
Staci Jenel Jarmon Finance Liaison for RLS, SLAB and LIT 4342431664
Kristin H Jensen Project Manager 4349240085
Antoine C. Johnson Clemons Library Night Manager 4349248869
Ervin L Jordan, Jr. Research Archivist 4349244975
Jason Jordan Software Engineer 4
Lorraine F Jordan Finance Liaison for Student Wage and Labor Schedules; Federal Work Study Coordinator 4349247261
Bryan Patrick Kasik Reference Librarian 4342431878
Nancy Ellen Kechner Research Software Specialist 4349240911
Jack Kelly Senior Software Engineer 4349247119
Laura A Kelly Circulation Specialist 4349243573, 4349243684
Meg Kennedy Curator of Material Culture 4349249425
Janis A Kessler Library Data Administration Specialist 4342436121
Susanna Danielle Klosko Digital Humanities Project Designer and Manager at IATH 4349246705
Ginny M Kois Binding Program Manager and Collections Care Specialist 4349243870
Vincent Louis Kois Computer Engineer 4349240770
Gabriel Komisar Temp C
Sherry Heitchew Lake Scholarly Repository Librarian 4349246730
Stacey Lavender Project Processing Archivist 4342437521
Carla H Lee Deputy Librarian 4342432390
Shane Lin Senior Developer
Anthony Lindsay Assessment Analyst 4342976396, 4349246938
Lauren Zuchowski Longwell University Archivist
Raymond Warren Lubinsky Software Engineer 5 4342431974
Archibald Andrew Macqueen Geospatial Consultant 4349822505
Tyler Magill Stacks Liaison 4349244112
Worthy N Martin Associate Professor, Faculty Summer Research 4349822202
Lauren Mari Massari Multimedia Designer 4342432690
Kara M McClurken Director, Preservation Services 4349241055
Sean Michael McCord AV & IT Systems Engineer 4342432268
Caleb Paul Mechem Print Collection Strategist
Bethany Mickel Teaching and Instructional Design Librarian
Laura Martof Miller Head of Public Services 4349247200
Rich J Miller AV & IT Systems Engineer 4349240751
Molly Minturn Content Specialist 4342430777
Julia F Munro Temp C
Arlyn Achsah Bayle Newcomb Video Reserves Coordinator 4349247957
William D Niebel Temp D 4349244172
Elizabeth Nosari Nau Project Archivist 4342433058
Maggie Nunley Science and Engineering Research Librarian 4349241343
Rose Oliveira Accessioning Archivist 4342439364
Erin Pappas Librarian for the Humanities 4349244982
Cecelia Parks Undergraduate Student Success Librarian
Barbara J Paschke Budget Manager-BUDG76 4349243140
Ricky Patterson Director, RDS & SNE 4342432180
Sarah Hester Patterson Serial Cataloging Coordinator
Catalina Piatt-Esguerra Associate Dean for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility
Carmelita Pickett Associate University Librarian Scholarly Resources & Content Strategy
Daniel V Pitti Director of Social Networks and Archival Context Cooperative 4349244527, 4349246594
Brenda H Powell Finance Liaison for Collections Acquisitions 4349243113
Samantha Leigh Proffitt Document Delivery Scanning Specialist 4349240941
Erich Purpur Science and Engineering Research Librarian
Belinda R Putnam Receiving & Cataloging Coordinator 4342434306
Ellen C Ramsey Project Manager 4342437079
Elizabeth Rapp Continuing & Electronic Resources Manager 4342432066
Daniel Evan Ray Music Metadata Librarian
Hirak Ray User Experience (UX) Researcher
Amber L Reichert Director of Content Strategy 4349244254
Renee A Reighart Head of Access Services 4342430479
Erinn Rene Executive Assistant 4349247849
Charles A Rice Cataloging Specialist 4349247663
Heather M Riser Director, Operations and Research 4349244966
Mandy B. L. Rizki Librarian I
Holly Robertson Librarian III 4342435861
Leigh A Rockey Video Collections Librarian 4349243812
Katie Rojas Head of Archival Processing 4349244967
Perry D Roland Metadata Operations Librarian 4349822702
Jennifer O'Brien Roper Director of Digital Strategies and Scholarly Communications 4349822854
Douglas C Ross Information Technology Specialist II 4349244527
will rourk 3D Technologies Specialist 4342436300
Nicole Royal Preservation Projects Specialist 4349247500
Allison C.F. Ruffner Academic Preservation Trust Devops Engineer 4349824707
Robin Lindley Ruggaber Director of Strategic Technology Partnerships & Initiatives 4342432305
Christine J Ruotolo Director, Research in the Arts and Humanities 4349822652
Regina D Rush Reference Librarian 4349243759
Ewa I Setaro Slavic Acquisitions & Cataloging Specialist 4349243206
Ammon Edwin Shepherd Makerspace Manager 4349246265
Holly Yvette Shifflett Interlibrary Loan Specialist 4349822617
Yuji Shinozaki Technical Director 4349247171
Scott Stuart Shisler Interlibrary Loan Assistant 4349823095
Samantha Sigmon Temp C
Christine Slaughter Social Sciences Research Librarian
Robert D Smith Digital Production Group Project Manager
Sarah M Smith Facility Coordinator 4342979525
Kathryn D Soule Project Manager for Library Space Services 4349243591
Katrina Lee Spencer Librarian for African American & African Studies, Unit Paid Employee (Faculty)
Annette K Stalnaker Assessment Librarian 4349243240
Timothy Scott Stevens Senior Computer Engineer 4349246943
Daniel Clayton Stewart LEO Driver 4342437884
Louann W Stylianopoulos Librarian for Art, Archaeology, & Indigenous Studies 4349246604
Ruobing Su User Experience (UX) Designer
Biao Sun Music Library Desk Manager 4349244619
Angela M Taliaferro Government Documents Specialist 4349246374
Nawang Thokmey Librarian for Tibetan, Buddhist, and Contemplative Studies 4349244981
Judith E Thomas Director of Faculty Programs 4349248814
Holly J Thornhill Associate Director for Donor Relations 4342437749
Josh Thorud Multimedia Teaching and Learning Librarian, Temp D
Donna J Tolson Associate Dean for Administration 4349822957
John William Trainum, JR Desk Manager, Brown Science & Engineering 4349241367
June T Trainum Operations Coordinator 4349244957
John M Unsworth Dean of Libraries and University Librarian 4349247849
Miguel A Valladares-Llata Librarian for Romance Languages and Latin American Studies 4349244983
Pallavi Jothsna Vemuri Digital Media Consultant
Steven Villereal Audiovisual Conservator 4349240801
Amanda Wyatt Visconti Scholars' Lab Managing Director 4342438800
Nestor A Walker Senior Software Engineer for Discovery Services
Mira Park Waller Associate University Librarian for Research & Learning Services, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Brandon M Walsh Head of Scholars' Lab Student Programs 4342433603
WEI WANG Librarian for East Asian Studies 4342436253
Xiaoming Wang Digital Workflow Software Engineer 4349247608
Keith Weimer Librarian for History and Religious Studies 4349247702
Ellen Leigh Welch Manuscripts and Archives Processor 4349244972
Peter S Welch Computer Support Engineer 4349240505
Sarah P Wells Associate Director for Administration, IATH 4349244370, 4349244527
Christopher M Welte Director of User Experience Design
Jeremy Wilk Library Manager-LIB60 4349244060
Darryl T Williams Library Mail Room Assistant 4349246542, 4349823094
Melanie D Williams Preservation Specialist 4349243396
Angela Denise Wills Collections Budget and Database Specialist 4349243489
John Martin Witherell Harrison Small Building Manager 4342432067
Mark Henry Witteman Integrated Library Systems Engineer 4349246952
Meridith Wolnick Director, Teaching & Learning 4349822077
John M Woloski Interlibrary Loan Assistant
Lauren Work Digital Preservation Librarian 4349241348
William David Wyatt, III Evening Circulation Coordinator 4342433762
Fang Yi Educational Technologist