Interested in creating your own electronics projects with simple, easy-to-use components? We can get you started, troubleshoot your code, or help you scope a multi-part project.

Location: Clemons Library, 3rd floor, see all hours.

Examples of projects: 

Learn at your own pace:

Scholars’ Lab TinkerTank electronics

The Scholars' Lab TinkerTank has Arduino kits and Raspberry Pi units, as well as tools and spare parts to help with assembling, testing, and expanding electronics. 

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Learn more about the Scholars' Lab TinkerTank or contact slabmakerspace@virginia.edu.

Robertson Media Center electronics

The RMC offers lightboards, snap circuits, K'NEX, and equipment like iPad Pros and Google Home Mini. 

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Learn more about the Robertson Media Center or contact RMC staff for assistance.