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Clemons Library encourages the use of library space by groups that wish to promote their organization. The following policies are designed to help facilitate the collaboration between organizations and the Library. Please be advised that these are our general policies. More specific policies and guidelines may apply and will be discussed when the reservation is scheduled.

Information on this page applies to tabling in Clemons Library, but occasionally we’re able to offer tabling at Brown and Shannon Libraries. Email for information about tabling at Brown or Shannon.

Reserve Tables and Displays

Policies for use

The following policies are in addition to those stated in the University Record regarding use of University facilities.

I. About the Use of Space

  • “Library space” refers to space inside Clemons only.
  • All permissions or approvals are given at the discretion of the library Head or his/her designee.
  • All permissions or approvals may be revoked at any time.
  • The use of library space is permitted in designated areas only.
  • Library space cannot be used for fund-raising purposes or otherwise include financial transactions of any sort.
  • Display materials may not be attached to building structures or furniture without prior approval.
  • Clemons Library can provide a maximum of two 4-foot tables for indoor use.
  • No amplified sound is permitted.
  • Food may be distributed, but cooking is not permitted, including on the Clemons Terrace.
  • Organizations are welcome to place table-tents throughout the library space. Table-tents should be approved in advance and should also be removed by the organization when the event is over.

II. Responsibilities

  • Organizations permitted to use library space include:
    • CIO/Club Sports
    • Fraternities and Sororities
    • Special Status, Residence Life Councils, Class Councils, and ODOS-Affiliated student organizations
    • University Departments
  • Non-University entities must coordinate with one of the approved organization types listed above.
  • All organizations wishing to use space in Clemons must contact the library Head or his/her designee at least 48 hours in advance to reserve space. Same-day reservations are not permitted.
  • All organizations wishing to use library space will be allowed a limit of 4 consecutive hours per day and four days per month.
  • All organizations wishing to use library space must keep in mind that the library, although an active and energetic place, is still a library and therefore such groups should keep noise and activity levels at a point that will not disrupt study or research activities in the library.
  • Organizations or individuals using library space may not detain, accost, confront, or in any other fashion waylay library patrons moving through the space.

These policies may be amended at any time.

Reserve Tables and Displays