Book Donations and Other Gifts-in-Kind

The University of Virginia Library is grateful for offers of gifts of materials for its collections. The Library welcomes donated books and manuscripts that enhance its collections in support of the University’s teaching and research needs. The Library declines offers of gifts if they unnecessarily duplicate existing holdings, if the subject matter is outside the scope of its collections, if the materials are in poor condition, or if there are donor restrictions the Library cannot honor.

In accordance with our gift policies, donations of books and other research materials are accepted only after careful evaluation. Because of constraints on shelving space, as well as significant costs for evaluating and processing gifts of tangible personal property, the Library is unable to accept materials for the circulating collections unless prior arrangements have been made between the donor and a collection management librarian. Materials deposited at any library without prior arrangement will not be evaluated for acceptance.

Please contact collection management librarian Leigh Rockey at or (434) 924-3812 to discuss possible gifts of books or other materials before sending them. Library staff are not permitted to appraise gifts, but there are a number of local appraisers who can be consulted.

In order to provide a service to potential donors, the Library has worked with several other Virginia educational institutions to create a referral list for donations that may be made directly to another institution in the Commonwealth.