LEO – Library Express On-grounds


LEO provides service to U.Va. faculty members by delivering library material for personal research use to departmental offices. Delivered library material includes items retrieved from a U.Va. library, or via Interlibrary Loan. Material available from the U.Va. collection will be delivered usually within 48 hours. Material obtained through a loan from another university will be delivered usually within 3 – 10 working days.

The services of LEO are intended to support learning, teaching, research, and scholarship and are offered only to University of Virginia faculty and staff. Interlibrary loans involve expenditure of state and university funds. The Library reserves the right to review patron requests for ILL services and to decline such requests at the Library’s sole discretion. As is the case with all other Library services, patrons are expected to comply with copyright in their use of materials obtained through Interlibrary Loan.

Contact us at:      Phone:  434-982-3095          Email:  lib-leo@virginia.edu

Request Process

  • First-time users, please visit our sign in page to set up an account. After setting up your account, you will be able to request and track the process of all your Interlibrary Services requests.
  • To request an article or book, visit the Virgo catalog to search for your material.
  • After viewing the details of your selection, select ‘Requests’ on the Virgo menu bar at the top of the screen. Select ‘UVa Users’. After logging into your account, your information will automatically populate our request form. Select ‘Submit Request’ and you are done.
  • For materials not owned by a U.Va Library, logon to your ILS account and choose the appropriate Request Type from the menu on the left side of the page. Fill in as much information as you have available to ensure we borrow the correct item. Faculty requests will automatically be delivered to the office of the department.


Certain types of materials cannot be delivered via LEO. These materials include slides from the Fine Arts Library collection and LP records from the Music Library.

Delivery of Material

Articles will be delivered via e-mail in PDF format.

Books will be delivered to departments for Faculty. Graduate students, undergraduates, and staff may designate a pick up library for delivery.

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