Interlibrary Services

The services of Interlibrary Loan are intended to support learning, teaching, research, and scholarship and are offered only to University of Virginia students, faculty and staff. Interlibrary loans involve expenditure of state and university funds. The Library reserves the right to review patron requests for ILL services and to decline such requests at the Library’s sole discretion. As is the case with all other Library services, patrons are expected to comply with copyright in their use of materials obtained through Interlibrary Loan.

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Interlibrary Loan


The Borrowing department borrows materials not owned by the U.Va. Library from other libraries for U.Va. faculty, students, and staff . Read more »


The Lending/Scanning department provides services to other libraries worldwide by lending or scanning U.Va. Library materials. Read more »

Faculty Services

LEO – Library Express on Grounds

LEO provides service to U.Va. faculty by delivering library material to departmental offices. Delivered library material includes items retrieved from a U.Va. library or via Interlibrary Loan. Read more »

Instructional Scanning Services – UVaCollab

Instructional Scanning Services provides assistance to faculty by scanning and uploading materials to the instructor’s UVaCollab website as additional readings. Read more »

Understanding Copyright in Course Reserves

All classroom materials are provided to students within a password-protected course environment for research and classroom instruction only. Copyright law forbids redistribution of scanned course materials unless permission from the copyright holder has been obtained, the work is out of copyright, or a careful fair use analysis has been undertaken. Faculty members are personally responsible under University policy for respecting copyright, including their delivery of materials to students through course reserves.

IMPORTANT: Read full Copyright Guidelines for Classroom Scanning and Delivery of Books

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