Harrison facilities: Rates, policies, & scheduling

Important! Reservations may only be held during the building's operating hours. Reservations must occur in their entirety within the building hours, including any event set-up/breakdown, catering delivery/clean-up, etc.

Reserving the auditorium

Auditorium room usage fees

$100/hour - including any time needed for set-up/breakdown: 2 hour minimum

A/V rates: Lectern/Mic: $100; Full A/V: $200

A/V Change Fee for A/V requested less than 72 hours prior to the event subject to additional fees: Lectern/Mic: $200; Full A/V: $400

Cancellation Fee: If the event is cancelled less than 30 days prior to the event, the full room usage fee will be charged. No fee will be charged if the notice of cancellation is received a minimum of 30 days prior to the scheduled event.

To check availability and make a reservation, please fill out the Event Space Request Form.

Catering and A/V vendor information

View our list of approved vendors for catering and A/V services.

Planning on serving alcohol at your event? Please submit a Approval Request for Alcoholic Beverages at Approved University Functions.

Zoom capabilities in Harrison/Small auditorium

Currently, the Auditorium in the Harrison Institute and Small Special Collections Library is unable to natively support Zoom or hybrid in-person/Zoom meetings. The existing A/V infrastructure does not have the necessary video and audio capture systems to provide a meaningful Zoom experience, nor do we have the staff to manage your Zoom event for you. The front lectern can project onto our screen anything that you can run on your own laptop, but there are no cameras at the lectern. If you wish to run your own Zoom meeting from the lectern, keep in mind that, although attendees in the room will be able to see and hear the presenters on the other end, the presenters will only be able to interact with whomever is managing the Zoom meeting at the lectern.

If you need a more professionally produced livestreaming experience, we maintain a list of A/V vendors who have successfully managed such events in our space and are acquainted with what additional equipment and technicians they will need. Questions? Contact lib-avast@virginia.edu.

Other venues

Looking for a location to host your dinner or evening reception? Try contacting the following venues: