Video Clip Service

Clip Request Form

The Library can digitize video clips for faculty to use in teaching and research. Clips save time by isolating portions of videos to show in class, release faculty from the need to fast forward or watch previews, provide a consistent viewing experience, and allow collection of related material in one location. Clips will be delivered via USB drive or can be made available for streaming online within Collab. If necessary, other delivery methods may be arranged.

NOTE: Clips are made available for internal teaching, research, and educational uses only and not for external distribution.

A few other things to know

  • The service is for instructors only (faculty or grad).
  • The service is not for entire videos but only for short scenes or collections of scenes.
  • Video clip requests will typically require a week to process, longer if the video needs to be purchased first.
  • Clips will be provided to you on USB drive or can be made available for streaming online within Collab.

How it works

To make a clip request, please fill out the online form. We will need:

  • The version of the video from which you want the clips (if we don’t own a copy of the version you are using, we will need to purchase it for the Library or use your personal copy).
  • The start and end times for each clip requested.
  • A brief description of the content being clipped, especially at the start and end points.

Clips will be delivered on USB drive or can be made available for streaming online within Collab.

Notes on use of video clips in an educational environment

Individual faculty members assume full responsibility for complying with copyright law. As noted above, clips are provided by the Library solely for educational use in teaching, learning, and research at the University of Virginia. Distribution of clips of copyrighted content outside of the educational learning environment may be a serious copyright infringement. For more information on this topic, please see “Web Stewardship, Web Responsibilities”.


If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us at