Off-Grounds Access

The Libraries provide three types of Web resources:

  • E-books, images and other databases created by the Libraries. These are either out of copyright or were created at the University and are generally freely available to all.
  • E-books, e-journals, and other databases provided via open access.  These are generally provided by a publisher or government agency and are freely available to all.
  • E-books, e-journals, images and other databases that are covered by copyright. The Libraries license their use for the University and the contracts generally restrict use to students, faculty and staff of the University. See access policy information if you’re not sure about your user status.

These licensed databases can normally be used only from computers on Grounds, but there are workarounds to allow use from home or while traveling.


ITS maintains a proxy server (EZproxy) that provides access to selected Web resources, including all U.Va. Library databases. You simply need to log in via the NetBadge prompt when attempting to access a database linked to from the Library’s website.

UVa Anywhere

ITS provides a “virtual private network” that puts your computer temporarily on the U.Va. network. Register with ITS to put a certificate on your computer, then download and install the network software.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Proxy can provide good access to the licensed Web resources. It requires no setup and simply requires a NetBadge login. It will also work on any platform/browser, including mobile devices.

UVa Anywhere is available for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh computers. Once configured, UVa Anywhere provides reliable, fast access not only to Library databases, but also to non-Web resources such as EndNote and Home Directory. Setup is  more complicated than for proxy and requires downloading software. There can be problems with software firewalls and with some Internet service providers, including AOL.