Four facts about the main library, reopening in January

By Molly Minturn | September 25, 2023

A large brick building seen from above.
A recent photo of the main library under renovation, viewed from the northwest. Here, the new clerestory can be seen on the roof, and construction is underway on the stairs and terrace that will lead to the new north entrance to the building. (Photo by Skanska)

The University of Virginia Library is pleased to announce that its main library renovation project that began in early 2020 is set to be completed by the end of the fall 2023 semester. The renovation will bring the building up to current standards of safety, accessibility, and service and result in beautiful, naturally lit study and research spaces.

Read on for four facts about the reopening.

1. The main library opens to the public on Jan. 8, 2024.

The building will not be open to visitors before then, but we’ll be excited to kick off the spring semester in January.

2. A grand opening celebration will be held in the main library on April 4, 2024.

Details about the event are forthcoming.

3. Books will be moved back into the main library starting in December 2023.

This process, which starts at Clemons Library and Ivy Stacks, where the books are currently shelved, involves more than a dozen Library staff members and more than a million printed books. The full book move will take about six months.

4. The renovated library will feature modern amenities suited to the needs of its users.

Benefits of renovation include:

  • An updated and expanded south entrance, a new highly accessible north entrance, and a new easy connector between Clemons and main on the second floor.
  • A new café near the north entrance that will provide refreshments and additional space for the University community to gather.
  • Better use of space to improve wayfinding and offer a variety of environments for study, research, and social interaction.
  • Better facilities for the ongoing conservation and preservation of the print collections.

For more about the main library, check out our new video tour of the renovation in progress with Kit Meyer of UVA Facilities Management.