Reserve Equipment & Computers

Audio and Video Equipment

The Robertson Media Center Desk, on the 3rd floor of Clemons Library, circulates audio, video, and presentation equipment to support students, faculty, and staff through the creative life-cycle of media production.

Equipment available to the University community

The items on the following list are available to the entire University community for a one-day checkout, on a first-come, first-served basis:

  • Canon Vixia video cameras
  • Zoom video cameras
  • Bloggie video cameras
  • Tripods
  • Marantz and Zoom audio recording kits
  • XLR and USB microphones
  • Wireless lavalier mic kits
  • Compact Flash cards and readers (for recording and transferring content)
  • Casio and Optoma projectors
  • Apple and PC external DVD drives

Items are due back by midnight of the following day. Renewals must be requested in person at the RMC Desk. Overdue fees accrue at $25 per day, due to the high demand for equipment.

Equipment available for class project use

The RMC Desk also circulates professional filmmaking gear, known as the high-end equipment, for class project use only. This restriction is due to the limited supply of equipment, and the growing number of class assignments requiring media production.

The following equipment can be reserved for course-related use:

  • Canon XF300 cameras
  • Canon C100 cameras
  • Light kits


Initial training and consultation are required to gain access to the reservation system. Training is a two-step process.

Step 1: Watch the following camera instruction YouTube playlists:

For students who want to borrow light kits, there is also a required training video playlist to watch:

Step 2: After watching the videos, you must meet with RMC staff for an in-person test, to assess your basic operating knowledge of the equipment.

  • Please sign up here for the in-person test. This session is also an opportunity for you to ask questions and get advice on how best to complete your project.
  • Once you are certified, you will be granted access to the high-end equipment reservation system.

Tripods, wireless and wired lavalier microphone kits, and boom mic kits are also available in the reservation system.

Borrowing Policies for the high-end equipment

  • Equipment must be reserved online, in advance.
  • The student who makes the reservation must be the one who checks out the equipment at the RMC Desk.
  • There is a 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. checkout window, Monday through Friday.
  • The loan period is 1 day on weekdays. Items are due back by 4:30 p.m. the following day. Friday checkouts may be kept through the weekend, and are due back on Monday.
  • If items are not returned by 4:30 p.m. on the due date, a $50 per day overdue fee will accrue.
  • At the time of checkout, you will be required to sign a waiver stating that you take responsibility for the equipment, and that you are liable for loss or damage.


If you have questions or need additional support in using the equipment, you can

There is sign-up calendar to meet with RMC staff for the high-end equipment testing, plus individual training and consultation sessions to help with media projects. You can sign-up here.

Computer Workstations

The libraries have a very limited number of public computer workstations available in each location and patrons are strongly encouraged to bring their personal laptops or mobile devices to the library to do their work.

Some libraries have specialized workstations you can reserve

Music Library

Located in Old Cabell Hall, the Music Library has 12 Macintosh workstations equipped with software to assist in audio and music notation editing projects.

Clemons Library

The Robertson Media Center has two lab areas with specialized computer workstations to assist in media production.

Digital Media Lab

The DML is located in the corner of the 3rd floor, near the elevator. It has 8 Macintosh workstations with professional equipment and sophisticated applications for the digitization, post-production, and delivery of media related projects. The space is conducive for working solo and in pairs. DML workstations can be reserved via BookIt.

Groups Lab

The G-Lab is located toward the back of the 3rd floor and functions as a classroom for instruction sessions in media production. The 20 Macintosh workstations host entry-level and some professional applications for creating and producing image, sound, and video projects.

  • If you are a teacher who would like to reserve the G-Lab for a class session, to be taught or coordinated by one of the RMC instructional librarians, please use the Request a Library Class form.
  • If you are a teacher who would like to reserve the G-Lab to conduct your own class session in media production, please visit the Media Classrooms Reservations page.
  • If you are a student who would like to request a G-Lab reservation for group media instruction, please email

The G-Lab workstations are available for walk-in use by individuals and small groups any time that classes are not meeting.

Studios and Technology Spaces

The RMC has a variety of studios and technology spaces to support student and faculty exploration of audio, video, and virtual reality as expressive mediums for critical and creative engagement across the disciplines.

The following resources can be reserved through the BookIt system:

  • Video Studio – Studio space within the Digital Media Lab. Features a Canon XF300 camera, adjustable lighting, teleprompter, audio equipment, backdrops. Training is required prior to using the video studio. Reservation requests are mediated by RMC staff.
  • Audio Studio – There are two audio booths (one for self-recording, one for recording with an engineer). There are microphones, a mixer, a keyboard, and a computer workstation that supports GarageBand, Logic, SoundStudio and Audacity.
  • One Button Studio – A space to easily record yourself practicing a speech or presentation. The file can be saved to a USB drive.
  • Immersive VR – Space within the Digital Media Lab for the exploration of virtual reality, with an HTC VIVE system. Training is required prior to using the space and equipment.
  • Vizwall – Large monitor display and lounge area on the RMC floor. It supports presentations of class projects, technology demonstrations, instruction sessions, and special media events. Reservation requests are mediated by RMC staff.

Study Aids and More

Many libraries have the following available for 2- or 3-hour checkout:

  • phone and laptop chargers (various)
  • whiteboard markers and erasers
  • power strips
  • calculators
  • headphones
  • USB flash drives
  • USB CD/DVD drives
  • HDMI and ethernet cables
  • laptop locks
  • toolkit with driver bits, hex/Allen keys, pliers, and screwdrivers (flat and Phillips)
  • bicycle tire pumps