Reserve Equipment & Computers


The Library circulates equipment to support production courses offered at the University. Equipment is available to students and faculty only.

Video Capture

The Digital Media Lab Equipment Room reserves and circulates professional-consumer video cameras and related equipment to support the creative life-cycle for advanced production courses offered at the University of Virginia.

  • Once training has been completed, reservations can be made by visiting the DML Equipment Reservations Page.
  • Call 434. 924.7286 if you would like to set up a consultation.

Video, Audio, Presentation

The Robertson Media Center in Clemons Library has the following equipment available for students and faculty to check out (no reservations taken):

  • Flip video cameras
  • Bloggie Video Cameras
  • Canon Vixia Video Cameras
  • Tripods
  • CF Cards (recording content)
  • Marantz Audio Recorders
  • xlr microphones
  • USB Microphones
  • Headphones
  • Pico Projectors
  • Regular Projectors
  • Apple DVD drives
  • PC DVD Drives

Study Aids and More

Many libraries have the following available for 2- or 3-hour checkout:

  • phone and laptop chargers (various)
  • whiteboard markers
  • power strips
  • calculators
  • headphones
  • USB flash drives
  • USB CD/DVD drives
  • HDMI and ethernet cables
  • laptop locks
  • toolkit with driver bits, hex/Allen keys, pliers, and screwdrivers (flat and Phillips)
  • bicycle tire pumps

Reserve Computers

Some libraries have specialized workstations you can reserve.

Digital Media Lab

  • Located on the third floor of Clemons Library, the main lab has 14 Macintosh workstations with professional equipment and sophisticated applications for the digitization, post-production and delivery of media related projects. The space is conducive for working solo and in pairs.
  • An extension of the main lab, the Groups-Lab (G-Lab) has open spaces and promotes a supportive environment for small groups working collaboratively. The 20 Macintosh workstations host entry-level and some professional applications for creating and producing image, sound, and video projects.
  • For group planning of media projects, two MediaScape tables provide dual-screen access for up to 6 participants.
  • The Viz Lounge has the technical ability to meet the demands of both simple and sophisticated media experiences.  It supports a number of activities including screening course productions at the end of the semester, hosting classes and meetings, and exploring interactivity with the Kinect.

Find out more about the Lab’s Digital Ecology.

To reserve Lab equipment or spaces, call 434.924.7474 or email

Music Library

  • Located in Old Cabell Hall, the Music Library has 12 Macintosh workstations equipped with software to assist in audio and music notation editing projects.
  • The libraries have a very limited number of public computer workstations available in each location and patrons are strongly encouraged to bring their personal laptops or mobile devices to the library to do their work.