Scanning Services

The U.Va. Library offers scanning services for instruction and for self-service scanning. There is also information on services for digitization of special collections, video clips and other formats.

Scanning Documents for Instruction (Faculty and Instructors Only)

Instructional Scanning Services (ISS) provides assistance to faculty members by scanning and uploading course-related materials to the instructor’s UVaCollab webpage as additional readings. ISS also provides links to materials in electronic format to the Instructor’s UVaCollab, and scans materials for other instructional uses.

Self-Service Scanning

The University Library provides users with machines for self-service scanning in the Alderman, Clemons, Charles L. Brown Science and Engineering Library, Fine Arts, Physics, Chemistry and Music libraries. Staff are available to help you with scanners. The largest dimension scanner available for public use is 11 x 17 inches.

Chemistry, Physics, Clemons, Charles L. Brown Science & Engineering Library

The Brown Science & Engineering Library, Chemistry Library, Physics Library, and Clemons Library provide access to self-service scanning for digitizing text or images. No special software is available for manipulating files.


Scholars’ Lab

The Scholars’ Lab offers self-service scanning for U.Va.-affiliated persons who would like to digitize text or images. Software and equipment is available for OCR and scanning high-resolution images.

Government Documents

The Government Documents unit on the 3rd floor of the Alderman Library provides equipment for scanning microfilm and microfiche.

Digital Media Lab

The Digital Media Lab provides self-service access to scanners that can digitize various non-print media formats such as video tape, 8 mm and 16 mm film, small and medium format film negatives, slides, and audio.

Fine Arts Library ScanLab

ScanLab staff in the Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library can advise users who prefer to digitize materials themselves on scanning, manipulating, and preserving their images. Software and equipment are available for scanning high-resolution images, and scanners can digitize negatives, slides, and documents up to 11 x 17 inches.

Music Library

The Music Library provides access to equipment for scanning documents up to 11 x 17 inches, as well as microfilm and microfiche.