Course Reserves

The reserves service at the University of Virginia Library provides access to essential curriculum materials that are supplementary to the required texts or that are difficult for students to acquire. Reserve materials are locally managed by individual libraries whose collections reflect the constituents they serve.


Reserve requests are processed in the order in which they are received:

Make a Request through Virgo


You can request journal articles or chapters from books for electronic reserve through the Library’s Instructional Scanning Service. Please log into the ILS Web Request System.

Make an Electronic Reserves Scanning Request


Reserve requests are processed in the order in which they are received. Please allow 14 days to process requests. Learn how to place a reserve request.

Make a Request through Virgo

The Robertson Media Center can digitize video clips for faculty to use in teaching and research. Clips can be transferred to DVD or USB drive, or can be made available for streaming online within Collab. Learn how to place a video clip request.

Make a Video Clip Request

Over 25,000 licensed streaming titles are available for teaching and research. Learn more about streaming video.

Clemons Library offers UVA instructors a reservable room for using media and technology in support of teaching, learning, and research. You may reserve a room for single class sessions, screenings, or class-based meetings.

Reserve a Media Classroom

New Purchases

If you already know that the Library doesn’t own an item that you need for reserve, you may make a reserve purchase request here.

Make a Purchase Request for Reserve

Personal Copies

If you have personal copies of items to be placed on reserve, you may fill out this form and bring it with the items.

Place a Personal Copy on Reserve

Frequently Asked Questions

How many books can I put on reserve?

Due to space limitations and the large number of reserve items, we request that instructors place no more than 25 titles per class on reserve, and just one copy per title.

How long can reserve items be checked out?

Loan periods for books and CDs are 3 hours or 2 days; for videos the loan period is 3 hours.

Can I put my own copy of something on reserve?

Yes, you can place personal copies of books or videos on reserve, one copy per title. Please be aware that personal copies will be marked and barcoded for use with our circulation system. The library cannot assume liability for materials that are worn, torn, mutilated, lost or stolen.

What about textbooks?

While it is general policy of the Library not to purchase copies of textbooks, exceptions to this policy will be considered on an individual basis by the appropriate subject librarian. If the Library already owns a textbook, or you bring us a personal copy, we’ll place one copy on reserve.

What if I need something put on reserve right away?

Although we make every effort to process requests quickly, we cannot guarantee timely service for last-minute requests.

What if something I need is checked out?

Items that are checked out will be recalled. Please note that recalled items may take 3 weeks or longer to process.

How about items that the Library doesn’t have?

If we don’t already own something that’s requested for reserve we’ll attempt to purchase it. Please note that items that need purchasing may take 4 weeks or longer to process.

What if an item is Available to Order?

To place an Available to Order item on reserve, star it as you would any other item in Virgo, add it to your reserve list, and a reserve coordinator will request that the Library purchase it.

When are items removed from reserve?

Reserve items are taken off reserve and available for checkout after finals. Processing time for removing reserves varies depending on the workload and may take up to six weeks to complete.


Please contact the appropriate library department: