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The Library’s goal is to be a central and responsive partner in the research, teaching, and learning priorities of the University of Virginia. We’re dedicated to diversity, innovation, collaboration, and a process of continuous improvement. We allocate our resources to further the scholarly enterprise and serve the University community as efficiently as possible.


To accomplish this goal we’re organized into five areas, in addition to the Office of the University Librarian:

Academic Engagement

What We Do: We enhance the research, artistic production, and learning of U.Va. faculty and students through new approaches to scholarship and teaching. Our work includes:

  • Joining faculty in the classroom to administer programs that develop undergraduate research capabilities
  • Engaging and supporting researchers at all levels with a broad range of technical, methodological, and subject expertise
  • Hosting events, such as symposia and lecture series, which promote our collaboration and scholarship within U.Va. and to the broader University community
Teams & Contacts: 


Judith Thomas

Administration & Planning

What We Do: We support the activities of the Library by providing responsive and reliable administrative services. Our work includes:

  • Communicating about the Library to the U.Va. community and beyond
  • Coordinating assessment activities across the Library
  • Event management
  • Keeping facilities in good order and managing facility improvements
  • Maintaining a secure environment for staff, Library users, and our collections
  • Managing financial resources to maximize impact and efficiency
  • Providing Library staff with the technology they need to be productive and efficient
  • Supporting a talented workforce that has the skills we need to achieve our goals


Teams & Contacts: 


Donna Tolson

Collections Access & Discovery

What We Do: We maintain and grow library collections so that users can find the materials that support their learning and research. Our work includes:

  • Purchasing all materials in the Library’s collection
  • Borrowing materials that we don’t own from other libraries via Interlibrary Loan
  • Managing the description of all materials in Virgo, the library’s online catalog, and keeping our shelves organized
  • Digitizing rare and fragile materials so they are available online
Teams & Contacts: 


Carla Lee

Content Stewardship

What We Do: We oversee the preservation of physical and digital collections using sustainable practices with the goal of making them permanently accessible. Our work includes:

  • Preservation and conservation of University Library-held materials in all formats
  • Consulting on preservation of scholarly and cultural materials and on incident response when they are threatened or damaged
  • Providing scholarly repository services, including managing our institutional repository, Libra, which contains digital scholarly products of the University
  • Leading the Academic Preservation Trust, a consortium of institutions developing solutions for large-scale preservation of digital academic content
  • Coordinating a program of guidance related to intellectual property, copyright, and rights management for scholarly materials
Teams & Contacts: 


Chip German

Library Experience

What We Do: We strive to make the Library environment, both physical and virtual, pleasant, welcoming, and easy to navigate for all of our users. We also provide quality point-of-need information services. Our work includes:

    • Connecting users with information and other resources in-person and virtually at their point-of-need
    • Creating and maintaining a variety of beautiful, useful, and welcoming spaces
    • Developing and maintaining our search technologies and infrastructures that allow researchers to find and access our materials online.
      • Technologies include Virgo (online catalog), Libra (institutional repository), image viewers, specialized tools for making rare and unique materials accessible, etc.
    • Researching and implementing emerging technologies
    • Researching user needs and performing user testing on our virtual and physical systems


Teams & Contacts: 


Robin Ruggaber

Office of the University Librarian

What We Do: The University Librarian ensures that the University of Virginia Library, as one of the world’s great research libraries, contributes to the success of the University and the greater library community. The work of the Office of the University Librarian includes:

  • Articulating the Library’s vision and setting strategic direction
  • Forging key relationships to connect the Library with entities and initiatives that provide opportunities to broaden perspectives and advance the mission of the University
  • Ensuring an organizational culture of shared values
  • Bringing the Library’s voice to conversations with University leadership
  • Ensuring the long-term health and stature of both the Library and the University


Teams & Contacts: 


Chanel Newby, Executive Assistant