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People with signs and bright clothing march in a parade. Signs read: Love is a human right

Queer Pasts

Queer Pasts is a collection of primary source exhibits for students and scholars of queer history and culture. The database uses “queer” in its broadest and most inclusive sense, to embrace topics that are gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender and to include work on sexual and gender formations that are queer but not necessarily LGBT. Each of the document collections in the database will include a critical introductory essay that helps explain the significance of the primary sources in historical terms and in relationship to previous scholarship. This database seeks to broaden the field of queer history, including projects that focus on the experiences and perspectives of under-represented historical groups, including people of color, trans people, and people with disabilities. Visit Queer Pasts.

Sustainable Scholarship

Exploring the cost, value, and sustainability of big journal bundles

For years libraries have wrestled with the Big Deal value proposition: access to all of the journal articles controlled by a corporate vendor in exchange for one large, steadily-growing lump payment. An increasing number of libraries see that proposition breaking down. We believe this conversation needs to move beyond the walls of the Library, to include faculty, students, and other library users.

Learn more about Sustainable Scholarship at UVA.

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