Bradley J Daigle
29N Research Park #4459

Job summary

Bradley Daigle leads and manages a national consortium of digital preservation practitioners. Provides oversight and governance to the APTrust consortium and manages a team that works across the digital preservation ecosystem to facilitate good preservation practice. Collaborates with national and international colleagues to understand and stay current with today and tomorrow's digital preservation challenges. Develops and promotes solutions to address those challenges and needs as they arise.

Professional profile

Bradley Daigle is Executive Director of the Academic Preservation Trust ( He has managed national and international collaborative networks for over a decade as well as multiple grants. Having been in the library profession for twenty years, he has published and presented on a wide range of topics including digital preservation, mass digitization, digital curation and stewardship, sustaining digital scholarship, intellectual property issues, mentoring, and community development. In addition to his professional field, his research interests also include the history of the book, natural history, and early modern British literature. He received his MA in literature from the University of Montreal and an MLS from Catholic University.

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