Emerging Media Technologies

Robertson Media Center and Digital Media Lab (Clemons Library)

The Robertson Media Center and the Digital Media Lab offer consultation for digital projects and focus on areas involving the convergence of media and technology. Knowledgeable media professionals are available for consultation and project planning in such areas as digital imaging, audiovisual production and post-production, physical interactivity, 2D/3D animation, mobile technologies, as well as visualization and delivery of media content. Contact the RMC or DML at teachlearn@virginia.edu. Equipment reservations are available.

Image Management (Fiske Kimball Arts Library)

Support is available at the Fine Arts Library for Faculty seeking either a self-directed or a mediated solution for managing their digital image collections:

  • Self-directed: digitized images are made available to faculty via FTP; faculty use a variety of tools of their own choosing to manage and display.
  • Mediated: digitized images are uploaded to the Shared Shelf system; library staff will help with advising and training. Shared Shelf is a campus-wide resource with a rich set of tools and interfaces for managing and displaying images.

Not sure what solution to choose?  Contact Lucie Stylianopoulos in the Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library (lucie@virginia.edu)