Robertson Media Center

The Robertson Media Center (RMC) and the Digital Media Lab (DML) are located on the third floor of Clemons Library. The RMC and the DML offer a range of digital media services, including equipment and applications for the digitization, post-production, … Continued

Digital Media Lab

Focusing on areas involving the convergence of media and technology, the Digital Media Lab in the Robertson Media Center has a team of knowledgeable media professionals available for consultation and project planning. These areas include digital imaging, audiovisual production and … Continued

Library Data Commons@Curry

The Library Data Commons@Curry (LDCC) is located in Ruffner Hall, room 302. The LDCC features 2 reservable meeting spaces with LCD monitors, a data computer, public computers, a public printer and photocopier, a free scanner/digital sender, and additional spaces for … Continued

Scholars’ Lab

The Scholars’ Lab caters to the digital research and scholarly analysis needs of faculty and advanced students in the humanities and social sciences. Staffed with friendly, expert consultants from the U.Va. Library’s Digital Research and Scholarship unit, the Scholars’ Lab … Continued