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Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library

The Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library provides research support and collections for the School of Architecture and the subjects of Art, Art History, and European Archeology. We offer research and digital tool consultation, resources for image scanning, and spaces for quiet and collaborative study.  In addition, the Fine Arts Library features the Niche, a venue for new video art.

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ecoMOD Images

We are excited to announce that a collection of images documenting sustainable housing built by the ecoMOD project is now available through ARTstor, the library’s image database. This achievement is product of a recent collaboration…

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VIRGO-only terminals are back!

Okay, so it turns out that not everything old is bad! Remember when you used to be able to quickly check a call number while you were browsing in the stacks? We had a lot of sad faces when (most … Continue reading →

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