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DVD Checkouts vs. Use of Streaming Videos, 2015 to 2021

Unsurprisingly, DVD checkouts have plummeted and use of streaming videos has skyrocketed. In 2020, streaming use hit approximately 74,000 plays while DVD checkouts leveled down to around 2,300. With streaming video available, who is watching the DVDs? Chiefly faculty use DVDs. In 2020, faculty checked out 1,213 DVDs, with graduate students and undergrads at 328 and 395, respectively. The DVD checkout totals shown below include faculty, grad students, undergrads, employees, alumni, visiting researchers, visiting faculty, and community borrowers. The streaming numbers come from several streaming video platforms--Swank, Kanopy, Films on Demand, Feature Films for Education, Alexander Street Press, Digitalia, Docuseek2, and SAGE.

DVD Checkouts vs Streaming Use

Use of Streaming Videos from 2015 through 2021

Streaming videos have been part of the library's collections since 2013. The graph below shows use from 2015 through 2021 for streaming platforms most often used by patrons. Known use of streaming videos has reached as much as approximately 11,000 plays in a month. That's almost one video watched per undergrad per month.

Streaming Video Use

Approximate Number of Streaming Video Requests for Use in Courses per Semester Since Fall 2019

Year Semester # of Courses Requesting Videos # of Titles Requested
2019 Fall 97 521
2020 Spring 91 442
2020 Summer 29 208
2020 Fall 97 521
2021 J-Term 12 132
2021 Spring 181 644
2021 Summer 34 168
2021 Fall 168 692

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