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“The modern library has become not only a store-house of thought, but a laboratory, a work shop, a mine, an inspiration for both professors and students.”
-Edwin A. Alderman, 1894

Edwin Alderman, later the first president of the University of Virginia, wrote those words when the University Library was still housed in the Rotunda, a full 44 years before the collections were moved to the building that bears his name. Today, as we celebrate Alderman Library’s 75th year, a dozen libraries at the University foster learning and collaboration among students, faculty, citizens, and scholars from around the world.

You can help the Library further its mission to the University community by making a gift to the Library’s annual fund. Gifts help us create new study spaces, implement emerging technologies, and acquire and conserve a wide range of materials from rare books to digital resources. And, of course, they help us to make the full range of scholarship and research tools available to our students and faculty, ensuring that the Library remains the inspiration President Alderman spoke of over a century ago.

Please consider a gift to the Library. No gift is too small. Or too large.

You can give online now, or contact Patrick Garcia at 434-924-9640 or to learn more about Library priorities and how you can help.