The Source Deck

An analog resource for creating hands-on learning activities and sparking class discussions.

Source Deck Sample
What is it?
The Source Deck is a set of two interlinked tools. The first is a physical deck of cards consisting of images of thematic information sources and their corresponding citations. The second is a slideshow presentation of the same information. All the sources, both academic and popular, current and historic, relate to a particular recent event that has been chosen to resonate with first-year students.

How is it used?
Beginning with a chosen learning outcome, we use the Source Deck to plan an activity that gives students time to demonstrate familiarity with the concept to be covered. These might include:

  • Understanding the Publication Timeline
  • Identifying parts of a citation
  • Understanding source types

Where can I get one?
You can make your own! The Source Deck is meant to be created new every year, with a new theme and content customized by library instructors. You’ll find a sample Source Deck at this Google Slide link: We’ve included detailed instructions as well as tips for choosing a topic and collecting types of sources.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We’re at, or feel free to email us individually:

Todd Burks

Meridith Wolnick