Media Classrooms

Three classrooms in Clemons Library (322, 407, and 201), seating between 18 and 80 participants, feature an array of media viewing technology (DVD, VHS, laser disc). These rooms are primarily intended to support the use of media and computer-based technology in teaching, learning, and research. Priority will be assigned to room requests that meet these criteria.

Faculty and teaching graduate students may reserve these classrooms for single class sessions, screenings, or class-based meetings. Full semester bookings of these classrooms are restricted to situations when the technology requirements of a class cannot be filled through the Registrar, and only with the advance permission of the Registrar and the Director of Arts and Media Services.

Undergraduates may reserve Room 321 (seats 8-10) in the Robertson Media Center on a first-come, first-served basis via BookIt.

CIOs that need space for music or acting rehearsals may reserve room 201 on a first-come, first-served basis.  NOTE:  Room 201 is not appropriate for dance rehearsals because of the layout of the room, the low ceiling, and the cement floor.

Anyone using the room for the first time, or for the first time in over a year, must meet briefly with our A/V technician for instruction on using the equipment. Please contact Ric Hodges (; 243-5597) to arrange a short tutorial prior to your reserved time.

Users may not rewire the audio or video equipment, or change the settings on the ceiling mounted digital projectors. Doing so may result in a loss of room use privileges. If you need assistance during class, please ask at the Information Desk on the 4th floor or call 924-3684.

If a faculty member reserves a room for a class session but is unable to be there personally, he or she must assign a ‘student designate’ who will responsibly operate the equipment, oversee the class, and ensure that the room is locked and the key returned at the end of class. The student designate must receive training in advance, and is the only member of the class who may check out the key for the room.

If you plan to serve refreshments or to rearrange the furniture in the room, it is your responsibility to return the room to its original state at the end of your class or meeting.

Reserve a Media Classroom