Media Classrooms

Clemons Library offers reservable rooms for using media and technology in support of faculty and student teaching, learning and research.

Reserve a Media Classroom

Rooms feature:

  • Media viewing technology for Blu-ray, multi-region DVD and VHS, and LaserDisc formats
  • Large viewing screens
  • Whiteboards
Special Features
Clemons 201 room photo Room #201 Seats 80 Available to CIOs to book


Clemons 322 room photo Room #322 Seats 16 Blu-Ray 3D viewing

Faculty and Teaching Graduate Students

  • You may reserve these rooms for single class sessions, screenings, or class-based meetings.
  • Full semester bookings are available with advance permission.


CIO (Contracted Independent Organization) Leaders

  • Room 201 is available for CIOs to reserve for music or acting rehearsals (except dance rehearsals).

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