Alderman Library Carrel and GRR Shelf Policies

Apply for a Carrel or Graduate Reading Room (GRR) Shelf

To apply for an Alderman study carrel or shelf in Alderman Library, contact Stephanie Hunter.

Note that there are also short-term use lockers in the Graduate Reading Room. The keys for the lockers are kept at the front desk of Alderman. The keys check out for 3 hours at a time.

The Fine Arts Library also has a limited number of study carrels available for graduate or doctoral level students. To apply for a Fine Arts Library study carrel, visit the Fine Arts Library circulation desk. Note that Fine Arts carrel policies may differ from the policies below.

Alderman Study Carrel General Use Policies

A desk and chair surrounded by the bookshelves of the Library stacks.

Old Stacks study carrels.

  • Graduate students in good standing are eligible to apply for Alderman carrels or shelves in the Graduate Reading Room.
  • Carrels and GRR shelves are assigned for an academic year. Graduate students may only have one or the other.
  • Some carrels have two people assigned to them, so they must be kept tidy.
  • Food should not be stored in carrels or shelves. Food will be disposed of if found.

Problem Reporting

  • Problems with the carrel or the GRR shelf (burned out light, broken drawer lock, the carrel needs cleaning, etc.) should be reported to Stephanie Hunter.


Adjoining desks with a small amount of natural light in the stacks area of the Library.

New Stacks study carrels.

  • Carrels and GRR shelves can be renewed each year as long as the owner is a graduate student in good standing.
  • Owners will be contacted near the end of each academic year with a renewal reminder.
  • If an owner is not using the carrel or shelf, allow it to be reassigned since there is usually a waiting list.
  • Failure to renew carrel keys or GRR shelves may result in loss of carrel privileges and check-in of any Library materials left on the carrel.
  • Notify the Circulation Desk of address changes to ensure receipt of all correspondence regarding Library matters, including carrel renewal deadlines.


  • Carrel keys must be returned immediately at the conclusion of carrel assignment.
  • There is a $10 charge for nonreturned or lost carrel keys.  Bills will be referred to Student Financial Services.

Carrel Charging Books

  • All books and periodicals kept in carrels or on GRR shelves must be checked out to the owner.
  • Carrel owners should inform Library staff that a book will be put in a carrel or GRR shelf at the time of checkout.
  • Books that are carrel charged are not desensitized, and a carrel slip will be placed in each book.
  • Books without carrel slips may be removed and reshelved by Library staff, so the carrel slips should be visible.
  • Keeping uncharged material in carrels may lead to revocation of carrel privileges.
  • Do not keep carrel slips. Return carrel slips when returning books.
  • Carrel owners should stop by the Circulation Desk when taking a carrel book out of the Library so it can be desensitized and the circulation record checked. The carrel slip will be removed at this time.
  • Books are left in carrels at the owner’s risk.  The Library does not assume responsibility for personal materials or books left in carrels or the Graduate Reading Room.