Approved Captioning and Transcription Vendors

Funding for Captioning and Transcription Vendor Services

Currently, the UVA department or unit producing videos is responsible for funding captioning and transcription services.

Each department is responsible for setting up its own vendor account with payment made by University Purchasing Card (P-card).

The negotiated pricing is very competitive, however, it is a starting point for negotiation if you have a great deal of captioning to do.

Options for Creating Captioning

For post-production captioning, you can create do-it-yourself (DIY) captions or hire a vendor.

  • Tip: Regardless of which service you use or choose to go the DIY route, always proofread the captions you’ve received prior to making them available to the public. In particular, verify names, technical terms, UVA specific terms, and other commonly confused verbiage.

Do-It-Yourself Captions

Captioning video is not technically difficult, however, it is very time consuming. Per the WGBH Media Access Group, it can take up to 30 hours to caption one hour of video. When you consider the per hour rate for your time, or even the time for a student employee, the cost of manually creating captions is substantial.

Directions, software and other tools are readily available online – some free, others rather expensive. Best practices and guidelines can be found in “The Captioning Key”:

UVA-Contracted Vendors

Using one of the vendors listed below is generally much more cost effective. To begin working with one or both vendors, or to learn more about the products offered, use the links below. You will be contacted by the account manager for additional information.

Keep in mind that our goal is 100% accuracy. You will notice that each vendor guarantees an accuracy just slightly below that mark. It is important that you review the returned product to correct any misspellings or missing text.

You will have access to both a transcript and a caption file. Each vendor will provide a number of formats for your files and they will be available to you as long as you keep the file in your account.

UVA has negotiated rates with the following vendors:


3Play Media – To establish an account, contact:

cielo24 inc. – To establish an account, contact:

UVA-Contracted Vendors: Rates

Captioning Costs: Per-minute fees and guaranteed turnaround time (business days)

Vendor Guaranteed accuracy 2-Day 3-Day 4-Day 5-7 Day 8-10 Day
3Play Media 99% $2.90 N/A $2.30 N/A $2.10
Cielo24 95-98% $2.00 $2.00 $1.50 $1.50 $1.35


Other payment options: 3Play Media

Captioning + Transcription Cost per video minute
STANDARD SERVICE (4-business day turnaround) $2.30/min ($138/hr)
Expedited turnaround (2 business days) $2.90/min($174/hr)
Rush turnaround (1 business day) $3.50/min ($210/hr)
Same day turnaround (8 hours) $4.30/min ($258/hr)
Urgent (2 hour turnaround – 5 mins or less) $7.80/min ($468/hr)
Extended turnaround (10 business days) $2.10/min ($126/hr)

Additional charges

  • Extremely difficult audio (poor recording, heavy accents, background noise, many speakers: $1.00/min ($60/hr)
  • Vertical caption placement – 8 hr. service: $.50/min ($30/hr)

Other services

  • Automated transcript alignment (transcript provided – text to timing synchronization only): $1.00/min ($60/hr)
  • Transcription only (for audio only files such as Podcasts): same fees as Captioning + Transcription
  • Foreign language captioning + transcription (Spanish only – 4 day turnaround): $4.50/min

For additional services, please contact the UVA account executive directly.


It is important that you consider the copyright of the material you are planning to use. If you do not own the material, it is important that you attempt the following before you proceed with captioning:

  • Try to find a captioned version first
  • Ask the owner for permission to caption

More Information

For more information, contact the Coordinator of Academic Accessibility at or 434-982-5784.