Digital Media Lab

Digital Media Lab

Focusing on areas involving the convergence of media and technology, the Digital Media Lab in the Robertson Media Center has a team of knowledgeable media professionals available for consultation and project planning. These areas include digital imaging, audiovisual production and post-production, physical interactivity, 2D/3D animation, mobile technologies, as well as visualization and delivery of media content.

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Alternative Form of Consuming Content

                Michael McCarthy and John Burns, both 3rd year students majoring in Math & Econ, are taking a break from their group study to test out the newest technology available in Clemons…

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“SPARC” Your Imagination – Feb 12,…

Check out the “SPARC” Showcase of Projects in Arts, Research, and Curriculum for a great lineup of faculty and students presenting posters on their experiences with teach-nology happening at UVa.  It’s a nice mix on…

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