Air Freight Delivery?

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Actually, we don’t have any plans to drop off your books by hexacopter or any other drone (yet).

But if you need a book, journal article, or other item for research, we’re here to help.

First check our online catalog, Virgo, to find the item(s) you need for your research. Once you’ve found what you need, view it online, or come into the Library and check it out if it’s available. If you need a book that’s in Virgo but unavailable (already checked out), click on the Request Unavailable Item from the Virgo record and fill out the requested info. The holder of the item then has 8 days to return it, and we’ll let you know when it’s back.

If you know the book, journal article, or item that you want, but we don’t have it, chances are we can get it for you through Interlibrary Loan.


Wait a minute, back up . . . I don’t know even know what source I’m looking for.
That’s fine—we can help you there too. Check out our Research PortalIt’s a gateway to nearly all the databases, citation tools, and services you need. The research portal also links to Subject Guides, which direct you to the most important databases and resources in your discipline, including Library staff who are experts in these subject areas.

The Library website also has a Services section that outlines many of our resources. Of special note for research is the “Reference, Consultations, & Classes” section on that page. In fact, there’s a great new consultation service at the Library: SourceDorks Drop-In Research Help. It’s run by students who are experts at finding appropriate sources for research. Goofy name, great service.

Hold on, back up again. You’re telling me all about research help, but what else does the Library offer?

For a quick overview, try the Library 101 GuideIt’s a quick head-start with all you need to know about Library policies, equipment, and key services. And check out the Libraries and Labs page—this gives you a quick look at all the different libraries, where they’re located, what the hours are, and what services and resources they have to offer.

Still confused? Something you want to know that we didn’t mention? Just ask. ASK, ASK, ASK! We want you to ask. We’re here to help. No fooling.

Happy AFD,

The Library


Back up again. I stumbled on this page . . .  I have no idea what this hexacopter stuff you’re talking about is.

Check out the video below.